[Solved] What is “Cannot find OST file” Error and How to Solve it?

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that is preferably used by most of the organizations as it is safe and easy to use with multiple features. As we all know that it creates two types of files i.e OST and PST files. When you configure an Outlook email account with Exchange server (Cached Exchange mode is enabled) then it will create an OST file and with POP3 it will create a PST file. When you configure an Outlook email account with IMAP in versions 2013, 2016 and 2019 then it creates OST.

While working with the OST file, a situation comes where you get an Outlook error message “cannot find OST file”. There are many other errors you can come up with while using Outlook. This is one of the common errors of it. MS Outlook comes with a feature that whenever there is a problem with your Outlook it shows you an error message so that you can solve it.

But why an Outlook shows an error message?

Might be because of some technical problem in Outlook or you have done some changes in the settings of MS Outlook. An error “can’t find OST file” might doesn’t allow you to access and OST file as you cannot find it.

With this message, you may think that there is a problem with the OST file location. OST file can be accessed where it is created and has its particular location to save it.

The default location of the OST file:

1- For MS Outlook 2007: C: \Users\UserName\App Data\Local\Microsoft \Outlook\Filename.ost.

2- For Outlook 2013/2016: C:\Administrator\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\ Filename.ost

As an OST file has its default location, changing the location cannot help you solve the error because you cannot change the default location of the OST file. If you do that still it will show you an error message.

The solution to fix the Outlook error?

In this blog, you will get 2 easy methods to fix this error –

1- Free SCANOST.EXE tool

2- Third-Party software

Free SCANOST.EXE – If you think there is a minor problem with the OST mailbox then I must recommend the free SCANOST.EXE tool, which is inbuilt with Microsoft Office. With this tool, you can easily repair corrupted OST file. You can find the tool from this location – C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12

But here are some drawbacks of this tool –

  • The SCANOST.EXE tool is available with Microsoft Office 2007 & lower version
  • It doesn’t work for highly corrupted OST files.
  • No data guarantee.
  • Not so reliable for data integrity

Third-Party software – The best solution to fix this problem is to convert an OST file into PST. As PST is Personal Storage Table allows you to access it in any location on your device. 

Now, I will discuss how to convert it into PST? This can be easily done with OST to PST converter software. It allows you to fix your problem very quickly and without any hassle. The software is effortless to use. The tool doesn’t only solve this error but helps you solve many other problems related to the OST file of MS Exchange Server and MS Outlook. It can even convert an OST file into other formats also.

I must recommend MailsDaddy OST to PST converter that is actually very useful and is designed according to the current need of the organization. It has a lot of other features also which is very helpful.

Once you convert the OST file to PST file format and save it to your device from the tool, you can easily access it in any system. You just need to follow some steps of the software for conversion which are actually very simple.

Now, if you open your Outlook then you will not find the error message “cannot find OST file” again. It means you can easily access your file.   

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